The Latest Trends in Luxury Decorative Throw Pillows

Let 2015 be the year of your living room makeover! Revamp the entire interior décor by simply tossing some trendy decorative throw pillows onto your couches, sofas, divans and window benches. This detailed guide will take you through the latest trends in luxury decorative cushions and help you find the ideal new accent for the comfy spots in your living space.


Contemporary yet vintage, stripes have never gone out of fashion. So, this year, add more definition to a room, by adding different kinds of striped throw pillows. From vertical to horizontal, gold to red, and thick to thin, go all out with your imagination to play with different colors and striped patterns, and try mixing them up to achieve a more dramatic and aesthetic look.

While striped cushions are a star on their own, their charisma can be further enhanced by pairing them up with solids and two toned decorative pillows, or using them as a base for floral and geometric patterns.

Faux silk fabric

It may be pricey, but the luxurious quality and fabulous luster of silk, make it a showstopper among throw pillow fabrics. The recent trends of using inexpensive faux-silk throw pillows present an economic take on silken elegance. Toss a few vivid faux silk luxury decorative cushions to instantly add glamour and sophistication to lackluster spaces without breaking the bank.

While neutral silk throw pillows can add a subtle touch of classiness to any couch, bright jewel-tones can instantly spruce up your interiors with a splash of color and vivacity.

Animal prints, faux furs and cowhides galore

Animal prints can never fail to make heads turn. An animal-inspired luxury decorative cushion catches attention by making a bold style statement and adds an opulent flare to a subtle living room. The newest trends in luxury decorative pillows for sofas see leopard, cheetah and zebra prints topping the list with faux fur and genuine cowhide pillows.

Pairing animal-inspired and fluffy throw pillows with solid colors can spell liveliness into your interior décor without making it overwhelming. Unique and lavish, animal print accent shaped throw pillows pillows look great against neutral color palettes and even work well when mixed with other animal print patterns in the same color.

Texture and Bold Graphics

Throw pillows with intricate textures, vintage floral prints and dominant geometric patterns are making a popular comeback. A bold graphical cushion paired along with one that has a fine woven texture can instantly add substance and flamboyance to any living room. From tiny rosettes to basket-weaving patterns, and large geometric designs on neutral backgrounds; textured throw pillows and bold graphics are no more a thing of the past.

Different Shapes and Sizes

This year, the latest trends in luxury decorative cushions call for going all out and experimenting with different shapes and sizes. Mix squares, rectangles and oblongs to get your couches animated, and top a larger pillow with a smaller sized designer cushion to give your sofa a fuller look. When working with different sizes, follow the 2:2:1 rule: Begin with using to large square throw pillows as the base, followed by medium-scale rectangles and finish the look by adding a final oblong in the centre. Pairing different shapes together always adds a creative and stylish element to the soft spaces of a living space.

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